"Why Healing the 'Mother Wound' is Crucial
for Female Leaders & Entrepreneurs"

Are painful dynamics related to your mother keeping you stuck?
Heal the mother wound and flourish as a female leader.
Get clarity on this issue to soar in your life and business.




January 13

at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern

Presented by

Bethany Webster

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This webinar has concluded.
I invite you to listen to the replay by clicking the link below (availale through January 18th)

Click here to listen to the replay

What Bethany will cover:

  • What the "mother wound" is and why it's the single biggest obstacle for Female Entrepreneurs

  • The #1 thing that determines success that can only come through healing the mother wound

  • Why the 'mother wound' has been such a taboo in women's leadership and the myths related to the "mother wound" that keep women leaders stuck

  • Tools that you can use immediately after the call and an overview of Bethany's brand new group program on healing the mother wound

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"12 Ways the 'Mother Wound' shows up in female entrepreneurs
(& the Top 12 Benefits of Healing it)"